Coach Zen's thoughts on the patch 7.14

14.7.2017 kabyraGe

Our League of Legends coach  Timitej «Zen» Stempihar shared his thoughts on the patch 7.14:

«7.14 includes some much anticipated changes, from minor nerfs to champions that are considered a tad too strong, to larger gameplay changes to some of the less played champions who haven't seen much competitive play.

While changes to Cho'Gath, with the intention to buff his E, which before was an uninteresting passive ability, to an active component, are a step in the right direction, this champion will require a larger style rework if we want to ever see him in competitive play (again).

The more interesting changes for competitive are the Diana changes, she still suffers from her reliance on hitting qs for most of her damage patterns which still makes for a not always competitively viable champion. But the buffs to how her passive is used, as well as significant buffs in terms of reducing her shield mana costs will increase survivability in lane, and allow her to get to her strong points overall I think we might be seeing Diana again in competitive soon.

Fiora nerfs were a much needed change, the passive movement speed being nerfed slows down her potentially oppressive mobility, while now her ultimate no longer can be used to run away instead of fighting - how is it a grand challenge if you run away after using it anyhow.

Iverns Brushmaker changes are an extremely huge nerf to his competitive viability, while the champion has been increasingly nerfed, his competitive viability is at an all time low, and will proceed to go lower.

Singed changes are very interesting, as they are a partial rework of his entire kit. I feel with the extra utility, the new passive and the large buff to his base stats, will allow him to see some more competitive viability, serving a role other than a fringe counterpick, which he was serving up untill now.

Taric changes are a step in the right direction, the increased base damage on E, allows better earlygame trading, which makes his herras pattern even more potent, and the changes on Q, give him better scaling and utility to be able to combat other supports in the lategame. Overall with the prevalence of melee supports, he might find a place in the competitive scene.

As far as items are concerned we were met with thornmail changes, which i think are a positive addition to the game. While nerfing thornmails damage, they removed a small amount of armor and added HP which makes it even more favourable for tanks, they also added grievous wounds to the item which I think while damage-wise being a loss, the utility of the item and the fact that it builds from bramble vest which is a cheaper more early-game accessible item, makes it a prime pick for many tanks in toplane and jungle, and perhaps we might eventually see it even on supports.

Perhaps the biggest changes are the changes to lethality. Overall the patch made lethality overall better, as it now scales with your own level, meaning solo-laners, can have extra benefit from their higher level while trying to assassinate ad-carries. Besides that the changes to the lethality items themselves makes them a lot more viable, i think these changes will even further promote tank supports that are able to effectively protect their adcs from champions that like to build high lethality.

The changes to duskblade are also massive, while on the surface they don't look that big, the shift in stats and the new slow passive effect make it a very potent item, that will be build on a lot of champions that want its stats, I think with duskblade we will enter another period of the "League of Black Cleaver", just that this time it will be the "League of Duskblade".

The changes to Youmuu’s Ghostblade are also a step in the right direction, making the item have more identity than just a pure damage item (which it is still very good at being), while changes to edge of night make it a better item for bruisers, with the addition of health.

Those are my short thoughts on the 7.14 patch notes and I hope you enjoyed reading them.»

— Timotej "Zen" Stempihar


The new patches are uploaded to the tournament server of Continental League on the next week after their release, which means that our players will face them since the 4th week, while on this week-end they will keep playing on 7.13. The only exclusion will apparently be the new champion Kayn, which will hardly enter the competitive scene before the end of the regular season at least.



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