Coach Zen on the preparation for the 4th week of LCL

21.7.2017 kabyraGe

 Timotej «Zen» Stempihar, our League of Legends coach, shared his thoughts about the fourth week of LCL:

«Tomorrow and Sunday matches will surely be interesting and deciding for a lot of teams. With the stakes being higher and higher due to playoffs, it makes every win the possible difference between making it into playoffs or ending up just a little short. 

When everything is so close, one can not afford to think of his opponents as 
strong teams or weak teams, either by performance or by win/loss in the league. One must always respect his opponent, as overconfidence will almost always get punished eventually. Strong teams in high pressure situations will try to step up even harder when victory is in their grasp and secure their standing. While teams lower in the standings are even more dangerous, as they are backed Into the corner and are forced to step up in a "make it or break it" situation. 

We prepared equally hard this week for all the teams we are facing, to make sure we achieve these last few wins required to get into playoffs - we cleaned up our communication, went back through the basics and put a lot of effort 
into expanding the champion pool of each player by 2-3 champions. 

While our scrim results look very promising and player performance looked even better than last week, only the games on stage will show if we have truly worked hard enough to get where we want to be. 

No matter what happens on the weekend, one thing is for sure, all teams will have prepared their hardest for their games and no matter the results, I wish all teams in this deciding week of LCL many good games and good luck.»


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