TIko91 took 7-8th place on The Intercontinentals

6.4.2017 kabyraGe

 Tiko91 has advanced to the main stage and took 7-8th place on The Intercontinentals 2017.

On the 1st days of April,  Maksim «Tiko91» Plakhov was taking part in the tournament of The Intercontinentals 2017 in the discipline of FIFA Online 3 — a big asian forum with a few invited easten players, held by a company of Garena. Though it took to advance thorugh the wildcard tournament to advance into the main stage — a clash of three challengers for the only additional, 8th slot.

Those matches took place on the 1st day, and as three players were participating, it was possible that remaches would be needed, if eveyone would play 1:1 — and that's what happened after the 1st round, Tiko91 winning about an Italian player from the team  Roma Fnatic and losing to a Chinese player, who, in his turn, had lost to an Italian. After that, tie-brake matches went for the 2nd round, and there a  ROX representee was able to perform better, winning both of his matches and so advancing to the main stage of the tournament.

In the main stage Maksim was facing an operating champion in the very 1st game and wasn't able to beat him, though the 1st game in the Best-of-three series was quite close. There was still a match in the losers' bracket, which would let him make a step a few positions higher — however, a level of players in the main stage was significantly better than in the wildcard tournament, and three weeks of preparations wasn't enough for Tiko91 to beat them in the discipline they train as their main. Still, taking 7-8th place isn't bad at all, considering this forum's status of the World championship in FIFA Online 3. And maybe he will be able to rise higher if invited again, how that he already has a bunch of competitive experience in it.


Maksim «Tiko91» Plakhov:

«All the preparations before the tournament by fact was in Bangkok already. Preparation to the FIFA Online 3 at home proved itself not possible, for this version — quite successful, by the way — isn't played in our region anymore. And with asian opponents — doesn't need much explainations, why so — there is a hule delay, up to several seconds. I understand that's not really an excuse for a pro player, but still, I became the best of the invited foreigners.

I flied quite a few before this time, but this long flight I rather didn't experience before. Bangkok wakes up only four hours before Kiev, which doesn't really bring much troubles, but 11 hours of flying — definately do.

This tournament was undoubtly the beset I ever attended to. What they do is rather a fest than a competition. While European tournaments they made more in a buisnes fashion, all by paper.

The games were tough. My 2nd match against a Chinese opponent was most memorable. While I could let myself to lose to him in the 1st round, in the 2nd, I needed only victory. I wasn't able to goal from penalty, and by 70th minute I was losing 0:1, which in a realy time means it's just a bit more than 1 minute to go. But an incredible comeback occurs, and I won 2:1. In the end I'd say I reached the goal, as I had advanced to the main stage and beat a famous player from the team of Roma Fnatic, and also a Chinese player, who apparently plays this version as his main discipline. And the one who knocked me out, became a champion of the whole thing.»



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