Tiko91 took the 4th place on #ProjectX Season 6

20.4.2017 kabyraGe

 Tiko91 took the 4th place on the #ProjectX Season 6 tournament after losing to the player of FC «Lokomotiv».

On Monday, the final of the lower brackets was held, where our representee  Maksim «Tiko91» Plakhov played against  Anton «Klenoff» Klenov, who plays for the football club of Lokomotiv. The winner was to advance no the top-3 and fight for the opportunity of advancing to the grandfinal, while the losers would have taken the 4th spot. Maksim started the match with a victory, however, wasn't able to close it up, and Klenoff won with a score of 3:1.


Maksim «Tiko91» Plakhov:

«So I've finnished my tournament run on Project X. Got the consolatoin prize of 4th place and 5000 rubles. In the final of the losers' bracket I got a lead in the serie, but defeat for Real against Borussia was, I think, a turning point to Klenoff's favour. Still, in the last match, if you watched it, I hit to posts few times and didn't realise a penalty at 90th minute. I don't mean it to be excuses, just comments. In general, I consider this result acceptable. I whish Klen, Timon and Aruhito, which remained in the tournament — less random, less lags.»

The next big tournament with Maksim to take part is the eSports Cup of Russia: his group will play on April, 30th. There's not info on the live broadcast yet.


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