Tiko91 won Go4FIFA #42 tournament by ESL

18.7.2017 kabyraGe

 Tiko91 won Go4FIFA #42 tournament by ESL.

On the recent Sunday Maksim «Tiko91» Plakhov won the ESL Go4FIFA tournament #42. He keeps playing on PC this month, where there are less participants, which is resulting to higher average skill level and less random. Maksim advanced throughout the bracket of European players, while in the other semifinal two Russian players met each other:  hrfb13 and  EYES_Castell.

The last one advanced to become the Maksim's opponent in the final match, and our team's player won the victorious, thus gaining a little prize money and, what's more important, the first rating points to the table of July, where he's currently holding the 1st place.


Opponents in the brackets:

  • 1/4 финала:  MariussX
  • 1/2 финала:  Poiatz
  • Финал:  EYES_Castell



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