Tiko91 became 2nd on the monthly finals of June

11.7.2017 kabyraGe

 Tiko91 took the 2nd place on the final monthly tournament of June by ESL.

On Monday Maksim «Tiko91» Plakhov was playing on the final GO4FIFA tournament of June. Eight strongest players of the previous month's rating are playing in the monthly finals in total, but in fact there were seven — however, Maksim didn't get a freeslot. Still, he was able to advance to the final, where he lost to the German player  chrissi291. Unfortunately, he couldn't beat his opponent in the last match, losing Real vs Real with scores 4:2 and 6:0.


Opponents in the brackets:

  • 1/4 final:  peterek2010
  • 1/2 final:  MariussX
  • Final:  chrissi291



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