Tiko91 advanced to LAN finals of the Cup of Russia

15.5.2017 kabyraGe

 Tiko91 has advanced to the LAN finals of the eSports Cup of Russia!

Yesterday the online part of the eSports Cup of Russia in the discipline of FIFA 2017 was played.  Maksim «Tiko91» Plakhov started in the top brackets, however, he got a tough opponent —  klenoff, who's playing for FC Lokomotiv. The winner was to advance directly to the semifinals and could start packing for a trip to Moscow right away, and the quote went to klenoff, who was able to win with a 2:1 score in matches.

So Tiko91 ought to win one more match against the winner of the small semifinal in the losers' bracket. His opponent was  SuperskilleD, and that match turned out to be quite difficult: two matches ended in draw, and it was just the third game when Tiko91 was able to overcome his opponent and grab his opportunity to play on the LAN finals and fight for getting into top-3 of the eSports Cup of Russia 2017


Semifinals of the eSports Cup of Russia 2017 in the discipline of FIFA 2017:

  •  Klenoff vs  Tiko91
  •  Aruhito vs  Ufenok77

There'll be also the bronze finals. The LAN finals will take place in Moscow from 26th till 28th of May. Unfortunately, this also means that he won't be able to attend to the FOOTBALL TV Cup, which will place in Tashkent city on the same dates.



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