Streams from the ROX players in April

2.4.2017 kabyraGe

In April there will be streams from our League of Legends players on a regular basis!

Awesome news for all fans of League of Legends: in April there will be regular streams with our players on a regular basis! The broadcasts will be made by  Anton «Ekka» Shestakov,  Oleg «Charger» Zhuravlev and  Nikita «Punisher» Lavrinov. Each of them will make at least two streams per week, and the schedule for the upcoming week will be published in our Facebook public and of course on the main page of this website.

Also, a broadcaster  Denis «Dankan» Epifanov joins the team. Denis plays at the level of Diamond III of EUW server at a position of ad-carry. His streams will fill our scedule and help fans to spend time until the summer split.

Subscribe our players' channels and come to their streams to watch their play, chat and ask your questions!


ROX players' channels:


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