The roster for the Summer Split of LCL 2017

13.6.2017 kabyraGe

Our team is finally ready to announce the roster for the Summer Split of the Continental League 2017.

It's been almost two months since we kept our spot in the LoL Continental League: from that moment all the players of the spring's roster became free agents, and the team's management made a lot of work, which is sometimes hard to notice from outside. We began to form the summer roster nearly the very 1st day after the Promotion matches ended, and today at last we are ready to share the results with you.


ROX roster for the Summer Split for the Continental League 2017: 

  •  Gabriël «Bwipo» Rau
    Position: top lane

  •  Dmitry «DimaJke» Gushcha
    Position: jungle

  •  Calvin «Ripi» Law
    Position: mid lane

  •  Vladislav «Kinzu» Belokon
    Position: ad-carry

  •  Vladislav «Antariys» Smorodin
    Position: support

  •  Vladlen «Saviour» Dvoretsky
    Position: support


The coaches and the manager:

  •  Timotej «Zen» Štempihar
    Head Coach

  •  James «Mac» MacCormac

  •  Adalyat «Krookie» Mamedov


Igor «Bruce» Utkin, the team's founder:

«This season our team became aware that with the current state of development of eSports scene and competition, it's not enough to just gather a roster under operation of an experienced captain anymore — rather than that, we must get a coaching staff, which will tune the team play and will work with roster, both in terms of individual and macro play progress.

We also decided, that such a sysem won't work, if the coach will not have na opportunity to pick the players in which he will see potential and qualities which he particulary needs. So we started bulding of the new toster from choosing the coach and ended up with a pair of specialists, which already have an experience of working with each other in UK Premiership. In the end, no one of those who was playing for us during spring was left in the team — which can be frustrating for those fans who  fancied that young and distinctive team — and from our side, we are very thankful to those guys and wish them the best of luck in their new organizations. We hope you will also like our new players, while many of them will make their first steps in the Continental League.

I prefer not to make big promises before the start of the season, so let's better wait for an opportunity for us to make statements where they ought to be made from a professional League of Legends team: in a Summoner's Rift.»


Tim «Zen» Štempihar, the head coach:

«We considered a wide pool of players, the key aspect being  personal qualities and skill, so no one had a guaranteed spot in the team. In the end the only player from the old roster was DimaJke, who passed the intense trials.  

For Top Lane, after considering a few strong players we decided to work with Bwipo — the talented Belgian player who hasn’t seen much stage play, but who we will probably see a lot of in the future of competitive league of legends. 

For Mid Lane we decided to work with Ripi — a challenger player from EuWest who has large perspectives for further development coupled with a good attitude and great psychological stability for work in a team environment. 

For Jungle we decided to keep working with DimaJke — a veteran player in the LCL, with a lot of experience working on the scene, who will be a big help in guiding the newer players into a competitive environment. 

For the Bot Lane, we decided from the start that it will be from CIS. We decided work work with an ADC and Support which played for Team Empire in the last season — Kinzu and Antariys — performed stronger than the other candidates. In order to create some challenge and increase variability of our strategies we also took an active substitute which will be Saviour, a highly motivated player with a background in competitive sports.

The team is working hard to improve and even though the road might be rough sometimes, I believe that they will put in hard work and maximum effort to improve themselves and as a team. Everyone shows really good attitude towards each other, as such there are no conflicts inside the team, and I’m sure they won’t appear in future which is one of our top priorities. Of course, we still have much to work on, and we are going to use the remaining time with as most efficiency as possible to ensure that we have good and consistent results in the upcoming Summer Split of LCL.»


The new roster will make its debut on Saturday, 24th of June, with a match against team  Just Alpha.


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