ROX.Ex is coming back to StarCraft tournaments

6.10.2017 kabyraGe

Ex will play under the tag of ROX on the tournaments of StarCraft: Remastered.

 Ex was a part of the very first roster of the team  ROX, which was announced on 2005. Since then he achieved medals of WCG Russia, advanced to playoffs on the grandfinals, and took prizes on the ASUS and other tournament under the tag of our team. After the summer 2007, ex became inactive and barely played, only came back to take part in the local LAN tournament in St-Petersburg and some online leagues.


Vakhtang «Ex» Zakiev:

«I'd like to avoid misunderstandings: no grandiose promises. I just have an effort and motivation to play a competitive StarCraft again, and Bruce offered to play under the tag of ROX, I accepted. So I will just practice, and I signed up for the closer tournaments. Let's see how it will turn out.»


Vladislav «kabyraGe» Perchik, PR-manager:

«After the release of StarCraft: Remastered Ex decided to practice and play in the tournaments again, not to be left aside when his favorite game of going through its next youth. Of course we don't mean any professional contract, full-time progaming and so on: Vakhtang will just play under the tag of ROX, which he actually never left, and we will support in case.»


Next tournaments for Ex:


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