ROX won in the Promotion Tournament

30.8.2017 kabyraGe

Our team won in the Promotion Tournament and so will play in the Continental League next spring.

After a victory against  Na`Vi in tiebreake,  ROX took 7th place in the Continental League ranking and so could pick an opponent for the Promotion Tournament. The regular season turned out be be shaky, and the team could make it to the playoffs till the very last round, but dissapointing defeat from Vega, who we beat in the 1st round rather convincingly, knocked us out of the playoffs tiebreakers zone. What for Challenger League, the finals weren't held there this split, so two winners of the semifinals was formally equal. Either way, ROX was to face its ex-players:  NikSar and  Raxxo for  Elements Pro Gaming or  Charger for  Tricksters. Ater a short consiederatin, the team decided to pick EPG.

The match was held online, which was more equal in terms of what teams were used to, but internet connection issues could pop up. And so they did when  Ripi disconnected before the 20 minutes mark of the 1st set. After like half an hour, the referee had to give us a technical defeat, and while Ripi was moving to another location, Atnariys  Antariys steped up to play. Interestingly enough, he didn't go mid with Karma, Lulu or maybe Zilean, but took Gragas and went top instead, while  Bwipo played mid Galio. He had such experience on the national leagues already, and he did quite good again, overplayed his opponent. Overall the team played solid and was able to get a win. After that, Ripi was ready to get back and the team got two fast wins, winning 3:1 and securing it's LCL spot for the next season.

Now we enter the queer field of re-shuffles: few teams annoucned already that their players became free agents, others hold that information still, but all the ogranizations and players of the Continental League now consider different options of their careers and rosters. Unfortunately, we won't be able to keep the current roster either, as we knew beforehand that  Saviour will continue his study in Neitherlands on spring and we can only see him in some Challenger team again, and the player of Bwipo's caliber is indeed can hardly be hold in LCL for long, and now he's wait and consider the offers from the European teams.

However, there's still quite a few time before spring, so we'll try to use it and gather such a mix of experience and ambitions which will conquer the fans' hearts again — and now it's just remaining to say them thanks for giving us their support during the season — and good bye.


Broadcast recording — 1st game:


Broadcast recording — 2nd game:


Broadcast recording — 3rd game


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