Ritix and Raxxo became free agents

2.4.2017 kabyraGe

Bottow lane players  Ritix и  Raxxo became free agents on March, 27th and April, 1st respectivly.

Our team has ended its participation in the spring split of the League of Legends Continental League on 26th of March, winning the Promotion tournament and securing the spot in the higher division for the next season. Now the mid-season started for us, time to make organizational and career solutions, negotiations, and building a basement for the further performance. And the first changes didn't make us wait too long, for  Rytis «Ritix» Lekstutis and  Oskar «Raxxo» Bazydlo officialy become free agents with their contracts being terminated on the players' own requests.

The bottom lane, where the pair of  ROX «legioneers» used to play, was a solid cell and made a outstanding lane phase in nearly every game, which was being noted by almost all the analytists and casters. Undoubtly, Rytis and Oskar made a huge impact into the fact the the team was able to hold its slot in the higher division, and we sincerelly thank them for the spring split and hope to meet them again — maybe already this summer!

The date when the summer split will begin wasn't annoucned yet, however, the reglament of the Continental League states a transfer window — a period of time when teams are allowed to add new players and coaches to their rosters: they'll can do it from April, 25th to July, 26th.


Vladislav «kabyraGe» Perchik, PR-manager of the team:

«Oskar and Rytis requested to terminated their contract before dates, because they wanted to take part in the mid-season tournaments. That was European tournaments, which we coudln't take part in as a team. We decided not to let them go, because a desire to play and to win is somewhat native for a progamer. It's quite possible that for the summer split one of them or both will be back to ROX, and for a while it remains to us to say them thanks and good bye and wish to reach the goals they have set to themselves for the 2nd part of this spring.»


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