Kinzu, DimaJke, Ripi и Zen became free agents

16.11.2017 kabyraGe

Today players   Kinzu,  DimaJke и  Ripi and coach  Zen became free agents.

Yesterday expired our contracts with the players the and coach for our League of Legends' team. Summer split turned out more tough that we would like, and, despite a strong roster, we wasn't able to secure good results. Still we're thankful to the guys for the hard work which they were putting in during these few months.

Now we're temporary left without a League of Legends roster, but we'll definately get one some time closer to the next split.


  •  Dmitry «DimaJke» Gushcha
    Position: jungle

  •  Calvin «Ripi» Law
    Position: mid lane

  •  Vladislav «Kinzu» Belokon
    Position: ad-carry

  •  Denis «Dankan» Epifanov
    Position: ad-carry (substitute)


  •  Timotej «Zen» Štempihar
    Head coach


Vladislav «kabyraGe» Perchik, PR-manager:

«Just as most of other LCL teams, we're left without LoL team for sometime and enter a shaky ground of mid-season re-shuffles. For today details of the spring split haven't been announced yet, including financial terms and dates. So we have some pre-negotiations with different players, but we'll have to wait until the announcements, before we can take the particular responsibilities to them. So we have to ask the team's fans to show some more passion.»


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