How to Kayn — tips from Bwipo

24.7.2017 kabyraGe

 Gabriel «Bwipo» Rau, the toplaner for our League of Legends team, played Kayn in one of the games on the Continental League on the previous week. We asked him to give a few advices to the beginner players of this champions, which means almost every League of Legends player, because Kayn has arived to the Summoner's Rift just recently.

Skills order:

Top lane skill order is R W Q E. W’s waveclear and poke is very valuable to mitigate his weak early, which will attract junglers to tower dive him.



I think Fervor is mandatory. His AD scalings are ridiculous, and whilst Thunderlord’s might be good for Shadow Assassin and/or jungle, top lane I use him as a melee counter. This means a lot of auto attack brawling, which makes Fervor very valuable in the long run.



For runes, as long as you have a setup you’re comfortable getting through the early game with you’re fine. Make sure you have enough resistances to trade, as well as much AD as possible. 15 is fine. Resistances are important because you’ll be trying to trade as much as allowed.


Early game:

During the early game you want to make sure you have an item start you can take small trades with all the time. I like Doran’s shield because of it’s safety, but Corrupting Potion can prove it’s worth with well timed in all in’s. The more you poke, the closer you get to transforming which is where your carry potential lies. Make sure you help your team or jungle in favourable skirmishes. Whilst you don’t bring much to the table early, your E means you’ll be first to a skirmish almost every time. Getting Rhaast or Shadow Assassin as early as possible is crucial, as that’s the point where Kayn becomes oppressive.


Mid game:

If you get through your early without falling too far behind, a well timed transformation is around 13-15 minutes. Any earlier is amazing, but around this time you’ll have finished Black Cleaver. This means you can destroy almost every tank or bruiser in the side lane unless you’ve fallen too far behind. In the case you’re Shadow Assassin, I recommend Ghostblade to amplify his roaming/flanking in fights. Duskblade is an ok alternative, but I think movement speed is more valuable that early into the game. Shadow Assassin at this stage will destroy squishy carries, so try to find those. In general, I build him into combination of AD + CDR + defensive stats OR into lethality.


Late game:

The longer the game goes on, the easier it becomes for Rhaast to take over the game, with how much damage he deals to all champions in the game. Try to use your ult on high health targets, or to finish off high priority targets. Often people will panic when you enter one of their teammates, so you can get a multi man W knockup when you burst out.

If you don't have Kayn yet, you still have a chance win in in our ruffle in VKontakte before the end of July!


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