Ekka, Charger and Punisher became free agents

1.5.2017 kabyraGe

 Ekka,  Charger и  Punisher became free agents since the May, 1st.

On the 30th of April, the contracts of three of our players, who was playing for ROX during the spring split, have expired. Since the team hasn't yet decided on the roster for the summer, the contracts wasn't extended right away, but instead too see them, along with the other candidates for strengthening the team, on tryouts, which will be held in the beginning of May. The players will have an opportunity to consider different options too, take part in the other teams' tryouts and make an informed decision, where they want to continue their careers.


Thus, three players are officially available for contacts from any teams:

  •  Oleg «Charger» Zhuravlev
    Position: top lane
  •  Nikita «Punisher» Lavrinov
    Position: jungle
  •  Anton «Ekka» Shestakov
    Position: mid lane


You can address any offers directly to the players or either to the representatives of the team  ROX. All the contacts may be found in the «team» section on our website. To make it more comfortable to reach them, we'll leave the profiles there until we'll oficially announce the other players to their positions or they will join the other teams. It's still possible that we will pick some of them for ourselves — that will be decided on tryouts.

 Dmitriy «DimaJke» Guscha, who was acting as the coach assistant during the spring split, gets back to the players' roster. For the position of the coach, we'll get the new specialist, who'll be annonced when we'll pass all the formal procedues of signing him.


Vladislav «kabyraGe» Perchik, PR-manager for the team:

«We are grateful to Anton, Oleg and Nikita because they put maximum efforts to keep the slot in the Continental League. But for the summer split, the higher goals is set for the team, so it's quite possible that there will be big changes in the team: we'll work with a foreign specialist for the position of a head coach, and it will be him who'll determine the final roster for the next split. I think, we'll be able to call all the names in a week or two, when all the formalities will be passed. It's a bit more than we planned, but I can assure you that we didn't waste time, so I'm sure that play of the new roster under operation of the new coach will show that a bit of waiting was worth it.»


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