Dewalt will play for ROX on the SC:Remastered LAN

22.9.2017 kabyraGe

Dewalt will play under the tag of ROX on the LAN SC:Remastered tournament in Moscow.

This Saturday, 23th of September, in the Aviapark shopping center a big tournament by the network of stores «Mediamarkt» will be held in the discipline of StarCraft: Remastered, which brang a new life in the eSports to the legendary game of StarCraft: Brood War. The strongest StarCraft players from all the country will come to fight for the prize pool of 300.000 RUR, and this fest of the true oldschool (though still relevant) eSports will not pass by the supporters of our team, as one of the strongest player of our contry —  Andrey «Dewalt» Belyaev will play under the tag of  ROX.

Dewalt is the player from the Novosibirsk city, he is 23 years old, playing for the race of Protoss. He holds the highest place among the CIS players in the relevant ranking based on regular online tournaments and considered one of the strongest non-korean players at the moment. The «StarCraft: Remastered Moscow Cup» tournament will be his debut in a LAN format.

Among the participants, signed for the tournament, are the active player at the moment, suc as  spx,  Tama,  Notforu (under the nickname of 'g0rynich'),  Tresha,  fuNny, and  LancerX, semipro StarCraft II players —  Brat_OK and  nerazim, and few stars of the past years:  Dmitry «Advokate» Demichev ('aoOa' is one of ways he used to put his nickname) and even the legendary  Ivan «(orky)Soul» Demidov, widely known by his achievements in poker — and of course the bunch of familiar nicknames to the fans of the competitive scene of the first game of the StarCraft realm. The casters' lineup is matched to this level too, as  Brat_OK and  Bruce — arguably one of the best players of all time in CIS, which used to play for  ROX — will cover the event. 

Igor «Bruce» Utkin, the founder of the team:

«StarCraft is one of the most significant, if not the most significant games in the history of eSports and definately the most significant for me personally. I'm glad to see that it becomes relevant again in the new HD format, and I want to make my own contribution to it from our team. On the tournament from Mediamarkt we will support one of the strongest players, and in future we will probably offer our own project in the realm of SC:Remastered, if it will resonate with the fans and viewers.» 


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