Bwipo, Saviour and Antariys became free agents

5.9.2017 kabyraGe

 Bwipo,  Saviour and  Antariys became free agents.

Today expired contracts of three players of our League of Legends roster: Gabriël «Bwipo» Rau, Vladlen «Saviour» Dvoretsky and Vladislav «Antariys» Smorodin. They all became free agents and can now get offers from any teams directly. They all joined us in the end of spring, and everyone played important part in the tournament run of ROX team this summer: Bwipo became a real leader and one of the brightest stars of the Continental League in this split, Saviour was able to prove his place in the main roster, and Antariys kept motivation and kept on practice despite the fact that he became a substitute player and was ready, when the team was in a need of his help.


Gabriël «Bwipo» Rau:

«I want to say two things before good bye. First, a thanks to all my teammates, and the fans for their patience and trust. Having them continue to say I was a beast despite week 1 and 2 was an amazing experience. Then, an apology for not making playoffs, despite having the opportunity in the Kayn game. That is all, thanks.»


Vladislav «kabyraGe» Perchik, PR-manager:

«Sumemr split ended and it doesn't end the way we wanted it to, so some ogranizational decisions must be made. Regarding Saviour, we knew before the split, that he won't be able to play in LCL on spring because of studying in Netherlands — but Challenger teams should hurry getting him indeed! Bwipo is an amazing player and now, as he got experience of playing on stage, he'll try to get to one of the European teams; in fact, getting him to LCL for one split is already a big fortune and a big success of our coach. What for Antariys, he lost a place in the main roster, so, even though in many ways he's a best substitute player the team can even dream of, we decided not to bind him with the contracts during autumn to give him an opportunity of getting a place in the main squad of some team for the upcoming spring.

It's yet to tell how will the team look for 2018, though we made some conclusions and will try to bring more experience to it. But we didn't yet decide by which particular players and other ogranizational means it will be done. So stay tuned and watch out for announcements!»


A reminder: in the summer split of the Contintntal League the team was challenging for getting to playoffs till the very end, but was defeated in the last tour and ended up on the 7th place, succesfully securing its LCL slot by defeating the Challenger team in the Promotion match.


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